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President / Consulting Engineer (1997-Present) - TrueFocus, Inc; Pine Island, MN
Instructor of Fibre Channel (FC) for Solution Technology, ANCOT, and JDSU Corp, and consultant in FC and Storage Subsystems for various companies. Continued effort at INCITS T11 in Fibre Channel (editor of the FC-AL and FC-AV INCITS standards and secretary of the FC-IFR committee); represented Intel, Malachite, Vixel, and Ancor and currently am an Emeritus representing TrueFocus, Inc at T11.
President / CTO (2004-2008) - PlexStar Technologies, Inc; Dallas, TX
Co-founded a storage company to work on the critical building blocks and IP for several storage hardware and system vendors. Helped developed a portfolio in FPGAs (some converted to ASIC by clients) for FC, SATA, FC-SATA and FC Virtual Loop Controller, that address various market segments; e.g., HBAs and storage enclosures.
CTO (2002-2004) - Alpine Technologies, Inc; Dallas, TX
Co-founded a startup company to develop a small to high end (scalable) storage subsystem for FC or iSCSI to FC, SAS, or SATA devices.
Consulting Engineer / Manager / Senior Program Manager (1968-1997) - IBM Corp; Rochester, MN

  • Represented IBM as principal voting member at ANSI X3T9.3 and INCITS T11 from 1985 to 1997; represented T11 at ISO from 1992 to 1997; was a charter member and IBM voting member for the Fibre Channel Association (FCIA) (1992 to 1997) and Fibre Channel Loop Community (FCLC) (1995-1997); and, was a charter member and IBM voting member of the RAID Advisory Board (RAB) (1989 to 1997). As the IBM representative, was the primary editor for the IPI-3 Generic Command Set for Magnetic and Optical Disks and for Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop ANSI / ISO standards.
  • Established and chaired Engineering Patent Review Board for AS/400 and Storage Subsystems in Rochester, MN.
  • Served as consultant to IBM divisions and IBM customers on Computer Interfaces and Storage related products (especially IPI, HIPPI, SSA, FC, and RAID).
  • Assigned to Germany (1982-1985) to develop a multi-user software development platform and a high-level language for low-level microcode.
  • Managed Diagnostic Engineering group (1975-1982) on System/38 and S/36.
  • Developed diagnostics (1968-1975) for IBM OCR products and helped architect IBM Future Systems.
  • Served on multiple industry and IBM task forces in both engineering and programming areas.
Laboratory Technician 1962-1968) - 3M Corp; St. Paul, MN
Physics research in Thermoelectric and Photoelectric materials. Developed a single crystal growing technique.
Past Clients 3Com, Agilent, Astute, BMC, Boeing, Breakthrough, Broadcom, Brocade, Catalyst, Cisco, Cypress, Data General, Datastor, DDC, DigitalAcoustics, DotHill, EDS, EMC (US, England, Ireland), Emulex, Exabyte, Exanovis (now Yotavis - Switzerland), Flextronics (Canada), Ford, Fujitsu (US and Japan), General Dynamics, IBM, HBOS (England), HDS (Australia, Netherlands), Hitachi (US, Japan, New Zealand), HP, Intel, InterEMS, Ironkey, JDSU, LB-Systems (Austria), L.E.K. Consulting, Lockheed, LSI, Maxtor, Mayo Clinic, Motorola, NavAir, Navigate, NEC, Nortel (Canada), Packetlight, PMC-Sierra (US, India), Prisa, QLogic, Quantum, Sandial, Seagate, Sequent, SUN (US, Czech Republic), TeleFocal (Singapore), Symantec, Unisys, Vitesse, Western Digital, Wipro (India), Xylinx.

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